Aug 1st to Aug 4th, Finland


No matter how many times one watches the former 'Rally of the 1000 lakes', the sheer spectacle never fails to impress. Watching a WRC car hurtle flat out over a 6th gear crest, landing some 40 or 50 metres later in a flurry of sparks and gravel, never loses it's impact.

Neste Rally Finland is the fastest rally in the WRC, and the myriad of gravel roads provide many access points to the stages which coupled with our 40+ page Rally Info Pack and Map Book will ensure you get to the best of the amazing high-speed action. With over 18 years experience of spectator tours to Rally Finland we are the acknowledged experts and believe us when we say that we know where ALL the best yumps and jumps are!

So whether it's Self-drive or our Escorted Tour we'll make sure you're 'stage-side' in Finland to see the very best action in the WRC.